Guide To The History of Philadelphia Soccer

Guide To The History of Philadelphia Soccer

1973. A great year for soccer in Philadelphia. Great because the Atoms won the North American Soccer League championship in their first year of existence. Unfortunately, three years later, the Atoms would be no more. But they are not the only team to leave their mark on the history of soccer in the City of Brotherly Love.

Remember the Philadelphia Fury? They also played in the NASL starting in 1978, but only lasted three seasons.Confused? Here ‘s a little Continue reading ‘Guide To The History of Philadelphia Soccer’

The History Of Professional Soccer In Philadelphia

While soccer has never been one of the more popular sports in the United States, the city of Philadelphia has had three professional teams. The Philadephia Atoms and the Philadelphia Fury were members of the now defunct North American Soccer League. The Philadelphia Union are members of Major League Soccer.

The Philadelphia Atoms began play in Philadelphia in 1973. In their first season, the Atoms won the NASL Championship. During the next three seasons, the Atoms performend poorly. Due to a lack of attendance, Continue reading ‘The History Of Professional Soccer In Philadelphia’

The History of Soccer In Philadelphia

While the sport of soccer has certainly enjoyed widespread global popularity, it remains a lesser known sport for most American audiences. Despite the limited popularity that soccer has been able to achieve on a national level, smaller teams, leagues and players can be found in just about every American city. Learning more about the History of Soccer in Philadelphia, and other states, can be a wonderful opportunity for any fan to learn more about the game or for players to find the resources and opportunities they seek in terms of new facilities, games Continue reading ‘The History of Soccer In Philadelphia’

Reasons to Take in a Philly Soccer Game

Sure watching old Atoms footage on your http://www.directstartv.com/localchannels/Pen channels can be fun but why not get out into the city and explore a soccer stadium like a true fan? Here are a few reasons watching Philly soccer is better in person
The Crowd: There’s nothing like the dull roar of a crowd to get you into the action and though the games won’t have tens of thousands of spectators it’s still fun to sit with family and friends alike. Show your support!
The Weather: If you live anywhere near Philly you know that spring’s the best season in the area. Once you thaw out you’re going to want some Vitamin D so why not soak up the sun at an Atoms game instead of in a park or your own backyard? Do double duty and hit the field!
The Food: After the game you can walk around in Philly’s historic downtown and snack on some of the city’s best eatscheesesteaks anyone? Of course your Uncle Joe’s are the best but why not try some of the town’s famed sandwiches for comparison? Get out of the house!

Locations Of The Best Soccer Facilities In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known as the place for sports fanatics. Whether it is football, baseball, basketball or soccer Philadelphia is the place. In Philly there are several great soccer facilities, stores and pubs dedicated to the game. If you are a soccer fan you have to visit these locations. Whether you want to drink a few beers and watch a game with some fellow soccer fans or join a soccer club there is a place in Philadelphia.
Some of Continue reading ‘Locations Of The Best Soccer Facilities In Philadelphia’

The Best Soccer Facilities In Philadelphia

As far back as the late 19th century, organized league soccer games were being played on Saturdays in Philadelphia. Most players were not professionals, but rather worked in factories or held other jobs during the week to support their families. In 1889, Philadelphia’s first soccer league was formed, the Pennsylvania Football Union (renamed the Pennsylvania Association Football Union a year later). The next few years saw an increase in attendance at matches, in addition to the first professional soccer league in the United States, the American League of Continue reading ‘The Best Soccer Facilities In Philadelphia’

Philadelphia And A History Of Soccer

Historically, soccer” despite being the world’s most popular sport” has not been among the top sports in the United States. This fact is demonstrated by an NASL team called the Philadelphia Atoms.

The NASL” North American Soccer League (both American and Canadian cities were represented)” had a very short history indeed, lasting only from 1967 to 1984. And one of its teams” the aforementioned Philadelphia Atoms” had an even shorter history: They played only from 1973 to 1976. Their first season was successful, with goalkeeper Bob Rigby becoming the first soccer player to Continue reading ‘Philadelphia And A History Of Soccer’

A History Of Soccer In Philadelphia

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and the city of brotherly love has a rich history of it. They have had several soccer teams that made many accomplishments. Read this article and gain a bigger perspective on philly’s soccer history.

Philly’s First Soccer Teams

1884 was the year when soccer first began in Philadelphia. The American football Association was the first governing body for soccer in the U.S. The first teams in the city included the Philadelphia Hibernians and Philadelphia Wanderers. These teams had Continue reading ‘A History Of Soccer In Philadelphia’