The Best Soccer Facilities In Philadelphia

As far back as the late 19th century, organized league soccer games were being played on Saturdays in Philadelphia. Most players were not professionals, but rather worked in factories or held other jobs during the week to support their families. In 1889, Philadelphia’s first soccer league was formed, the Pennsylvania Football Union (renamed the Pennsylvania Association Football Union a year later). The next few years saw an increase in attendance at matches, in addition to the first professional soccer league in the United States, the American League of Professional Football. Unfortunately however, the league was short lived, due to the economic turmoil of the decade which made it difficult for clubs to remain active in league competition. By 1909 however, soccer had experienced a comeback in Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia-based Allied American Football Association League was formed. Of the many teams playing in the league, Bethlehem Steel FC was particularly prestigious. In 1914 they won their first of six American Football Association American Cup titles. This same year the team went professional, with the backing of a giant steel company. The next year they won the National Challenge Cup, as the US Open Cup was originally known, and would go on to win it four more times by 1926. Unfortunately by 1930, they were gone.

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