A Guide To Soccer In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is perhaps one of the most powerful driving forces in the history of football or soccer in the United States. After the first American League of Professional Football closed down halfway down its first season, Philadelphia teams continued to develop soccer. Eventually, they founded the Princeton University soccer team in November of 1894.

Since the beginning of soccer in the United States, the state of Philadelphia has had several different teams established to represent it. These include:

‘ The Philadelphia Germans

The Philadelphia Germans represented the state during the pre-war years. In its first season (1933-1934), the Philly Germans finished last but were able to recover and even win the championship in the 1934-1935 season. They were renamed the Philadelphia Americans because of impending war with the Nazis.

‘ Philadelphia Nationals

The Nationals were another Philadelphia team to join the American Soccer League to represent the state during the 1930′s. It recorded lesser wins as compared to its sister team, and even had a rivalry with them. The Nationals took until 1948 to win their first championship.

‘ Philadelphia Atoms

The Atoms were a North American Soccer League team. They first surfaced in 1973 under the leadership of Thomas McCloskey, and was successful in their first season, defeating Dallas Tornado to win the championship during the 1973 season. However, later seasons were unsatisfactory. After only a period of five years, the Atoms were replaced by the Philadelphia Fury in 1978.

Soccer has a very colorful history with Philadelphia when you start to think about it. Sure, Philadelphia’s teams have had their ups and downs, but they also had their successes as well. The Philadelphia Germans ” and later the Philly Americans ” could perhaps be the most successful soccer team to represent the Phillies with its more impressive record compared to its contemporary, the Nationals.